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Let’s act now to redress moral decadence

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. PICTURE: SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2017

WHEN President Edgar Lungu finished his update address yesterday, one thing became very clear: the country should walk the declaration of a Christian nation, develop equitably while remaining united.
Like the President noted, the application of the national values and principles is not a matter for Government alone.
It is a responsibility of every citizen, family, community, institution, whether private or public, and the Zambian society at large.
As the father of the nation, President Lungu wants the country deeply entrenched in morality and ethics to be the cornerstone of our socio-economic development.
When the country becomes morally and ethically upright, there will be no abuse of social media – a platform currently being used to spread falsehoods, slander and hate speech.
People may have divergent views but this should not be the reason to purvey falsehoods about people and institutions, including perpetuating hatred.
President Lungu has yet again spoken out strongly against alcohol abuse – a vice that is wrecking lives of young people and contributing to moral decay.
The country cannot sit idly by and watch as our young people become slaves of alcohol when they are our assets.
That is why the President has decided to start inculcating morally upright and ethical behaviour in our citizens and getting them to live a positive value-centred life.
This will remain a priority of the Patriotic Front government under President Lungu.
It is, therefore, humbling that Government has committed itself to ensuring that our country and its people are morally and ethically upright as a requirement for national development.
If the future of the country lies in young people, then Zambia is in trouble going by the current levels of delinquency and like the President said during his address on the progress made in the application of national values and principles delivered to the second meeting of the Second Session of the 12th National Assembly, we have to act now and act together.
President Lungu stressed that if we do not act to redress this trend, we risk losing our moral values and ethics completely.
The public service, too, is headed for reforms with the coming of Public Officers’ Ethics Bill and State Officers Bill. These bills, once enacted, will strengthen the legal framework for guiding the scope, implementation and enforcement of morals and ethics among public and state officers.
This will also ensure that public and State officers are held accountable and are above board in the conduct of the affairs of the State.
This will be complemented by development of a single vision for the public service which is ‘a smart and value-centred public service’, which will serve to motivate and galvanise public service officers in their observance of our national values and principles in service delivery.
This was the second address that President Lungu made in Parliament on the application of national values and principles. He delivered the first address on March 17, 2017, which essentially introduced in detail our national values and principles.
At the end of the day, President Lungu’s address has given the country food for thought as all citizens should take time to reflect on our national values and principles.

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