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Let us be united as we mourn

ONCE again, a dark cloud is hovering over our great country. We are in mourning. We have lost a giant among men and among many.
It is not only our country which is mourning the fallen hero; the entire African continent is mourning with us and so is the rest of world.
Indeed, at a time like this one, Zambia needs the support of its neighbours and all those who mean well for the country.
Our burden is a heavy one.
President Michael Sata’s death on Tuesday evening at London’s King Edward VII hospital has left us all devastated.
He was a son of the soil, a son of Africa and a son of the world.
A husband, a father, an uncle, a grandfather, a dear friend to many, the close family members and a confidante to numerous souls.
He can be described as one who was a ‘man of the people’. Our memories are still fresh about how he got on a minibus to join our lot and enjoy a ride with an ordinary driver at the wheel.
Even at the time he ascended to State House, his men faced a formidable task to convince him to leave his favourite place of worship, St Ignatius, to shift to the splendid Cathedral of the Child Jesus.
Those who lived in his neighbourhood in Rhodes Park saw him abandon the luxury of the sleek motorcade in preference to walking to church, some metres from his residence.
Our late President was a lovable and approachable man. Despite his high standing in society, he was able to mix with the common and always made himself available to those who sought audience with him.
he was a man of his own words. He did not mince them.
Those who worked with him can also testify that he was a man of action, an attribute he earned while he was governor of the city of Lusaka.
During his time in office, the country has seen a number of projects as part of his development agenda, an indication of his determination to bring development to the people.
We have lost someone we loved. It is, therefore, not an easy time for our country. We are all emotionally charged and it is perfectly normal at a time like this one.
Though our hearts may be heavy, it is important to remember that we need the support of each other now more than ever before.
Zambia has been known to be a haven of peace, and this is the legacy we should aim to maintain.
Peace is the legacy that only we can bequeath to our country.
Though we sorrow, our aim should be to draw close to each other as much as possible and offer one another the support they need.
While we look to God for strength to pull through this difficult period that is unfolding before us, let us also make it our topmost business to preserve our unity.
Lest we forget, we have been through this before and we have come out strong because we exhibited those profound virtues of love, unity and peace.
It is cardinal to show love for others now because this will signify our respect for each other and goodwill towards our neighbours.
Unity is an important virtue because it means that we are working towards the good of the other person and we are concerned about their well-being.
Peace is our ultimate. It indicates the harmony and serenity that prevail when we throw away any selfish ambitions and submit ourselves to a set-out order of authority.
It is undeniable that everyone feels a sense of loss, and this should be our point of unity.
We only have one country which we call our own, and even when we sorrow let us guard our hard-earned peace.

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