Letter to the Editor

Let us mourn Victoria Kalima first

Dear editor,
SOME gender activists are already lobbying for late Kasenengwa Member of Parliament and Gender Minister Victoria Kalima’s replacement in Cabinet to be another woman. We have no problem with that.
While it is their right to be gender sensitive, they should also be sensitive to culture and society.
Besides, sentiments made by some gender activists raises their insensitivity to death because they seem to suggest that it is sad that a woman has died; implying only men deserve to die, not women. The second is that the replacement both in Parliament and Cabinet should be with another woman. According to Zambian law, elections for replacing an MP who dies take place within 90 days. Therefore, it is grossly insensitive and premature for gender activists to talk about a replacement before her body is even buried.
Let us mourn madam Kalima with dignity first.

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