Letter to the Editor

Let us make 2016 violence-free

LUBANSENSHI electorates queue up to vote at the Council Nursery yesterday. PICTURE: MACKSON WASAMUNU

Dear editor,
WE ARE in an election year once again as a nation. Political parties are intensifying their campaigns to woo voters to their side. Voters are also listening to what they are being promised so that they make up their mind.
While all this will be going on, our campaigns are normally stained by violence. Once in a while, cadres engage in fights. Sometimes these fights are vicious.
There is no reason to endanger lives. Like President Lungu said recently, engaging in issue-based campaigns will prevent violence. This approach will also expose those who are violent.
I urge every leader of a political party to watch their cadres and prevent them from spurring violence. It will take our country nowhere. We have only on Zambia, we call our country.
Let us say no do our elections differently and say no to violence this year. Happy New Year.

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