Letter to the Editor

Let us maintain Wedson Nyirenda

Dear editor,
KINDLY allow me space to talk about our painful loss to the so called Super Eagles.

It was very clear that [Augustine] Mulenga was standing an inch behind a [Nigerian] defender on the far right angle and the ball was on the left where the young man Fashion Sakala was.
It is also clear that, when the ball went into the left corner, Mulenga made very short steps and on the same far left, there was a Nigerian defender, also right on the edge of the 18 yard area, there were two Nigerian defenders.
When the ball was passed on to the open space, Mulenga opened space and outpaced the defender, cutting inside, found a Nigerian defender on the ball, he dispossessed him, he went and beat the goalkeeper and finally scored.
Every Nigerian saw that it was a genuine goal.
But that fortune hunter of a referee from Botswana decided to rule it offside.
Now, because we are just talking champions in Zambia, some people have vented their anger on the coach [Wedson] Nyirenda.
What wrong has Wada done in all fairness people of Zambia? Please let’s stop just being pratfalls.
May the government and FAZ help us keep Wada.
True Zambian soccer fan

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