Letter to the Editor

Let us help ZICTA to help us

Dear editor,
EVERYDAY I encounter people wondering why the police, with the help of the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), has seemingly failed to deal with phone scams.
Is it just the responsibility of ZICTA, Police and mobile service providers? No. I beg to differ.
I think it is collective action.
ZICTA, of course, should be in the driving seat, working with mobile service providers and the Police.
ZICTA should have encouraged police to set up cyber-security sections where citizens who receive messages from people asking for money should have been reported.
But citizens should report to their mobile providers first who in turn should be turning in those numbers to the police and then ZICTA. There has to be a complainant.
Citizens should lodge complaints for action to be taken.
Let us help ZICTA to help us.

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