Letter to the Editor

Let us change first

Dear editor,
I HAVE always wondered what change we need in Zambia. Many of us can say we want a corrupt-free and prosperous Zambia.
If that is the case then change should start with us as individuals, families and communities. We should aim at building a self-image first and then we will be able to build this country for the better.
Why should we yearn for that change when we ourselves are not prepared to change?
There is need for a comprehensive paradigm shift from our current mentality of always wanting to receive and not give, enjoy the luxury of life but not wanting to work extra hard for it or wanting a corrupt-free environment but we ourselves are corrupt.
This is what has made us fall prey to political machinations by greedy and crooked politicians who are capitalising on our desire to change just for the sake of it.
A monkey might be in a mango tree looking for bananas and no matter how much it swings from one branch to another, no banana will be found until it moves to a banana tree.
This example is synonymous with Zambian politics. We are in one tree and only changing branches with the hope of finding solutions. Changing the tree is changing mentality and that is what will work for this country. God bless Zambia.

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