Letter to the Editor

Let 2020 be year of recovery and rebuilding broken walls

Dear editor,
TODAY the 2019 curtain closes to give way to 2020.
It is a known fact that 2019 was one of the toughest years experienced by the country due to climate change and economic factors.
While 2019 was tough, 2020 brings hope of entering into a new phase of rest.
As we start a new year, let it be a time to reflect on the occurrences, challenges and even failures of 2019 with the view of making 2020 better.
For instance, we need to find practical and lasting solutions to the power deficit the country has been grappling with. 2020 should be a year of rebuilding whatever was destroyed or lost in 2019.
This will, however, take concerted efforts of all Zambians.
In 2020 let’s politick less and work together in national interest more.
Zambians must realise that it is only when they unite and work together that some of the challenges the country is faced with will be overcome.
Pointing of fingers and blame game should remain in 2019.
Let’s only carry unity and patriotism to 2020.
I am optimistic that 2020 will be a year of recovery and rebuilding of broken walls.

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