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Lenje chieftaincy rift goes to court

CHIEF Liteta of Central Province has asked the Lusaka High Court to grant him an order to prevent the installation of Phanwell Chikalakasa, alias Chief Chamuka, as Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe.
The traditional leader is also seeking a permanent injunction restraining Mr Chikalakasa from holding himself as Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe.
Further, Chief Liteta wants the court to grant him an order to recognise him as Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe because he is the longest-serving junior chief.
In a statement of claim, Chief Liteta has cited chiefs Chitanda and Chamuka of the same province.
The plaintiff says he filed the lawsuit in his capacity as traditional ruler of the Lenje and longest-serving junior chief, as well as heir to the throne of CLICK TO READ MORE

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