Letter to the Editor

Leave Kalusha alone

Dear editor,
I AM writing in response to a letter that was published in your newspaper on January 11, 2017 titled, “Kalusha’s behaviour disappointing”.
I read the letter with a pinch of salt because I felt Kalusha Bwalya is being unfairly bashed for voting for a player he was most impressed with in terms of performance on the continent. I believe Kalusha Bwalya is as much a patriotic Zambian as the author of the letter. Kalusha has represented his country on many occasions without shunning an invitation to do so.
While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I find it unfair to label Kalusha power-hungry for voting for a non-Zambian as CAF player of the year. These two things do not even correlate.
The fact that the author identifies Kalusha Bwalya as a sports leader clearly gives him leeway
to vote on the basis of sports ability as opposed to nationality as was explicitly put forward by the author.
If Wayne Rooney, a staunch Evertonian and a Manchester United legend can vote for Klopp, the current Liverpool manager as manager of the year, why shouldn’t Kalusha Bwalya vote for
a non-Zambian as CAF player of the year? Please, leave Great Kalu alone.


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