Letter to the Editor

LCC should not allow construction anywhere, everywhere

Dear editor,
FOLLOWING the recapitalisation of Zambia Railways Limited, a lot was expected from the rail firm.One of our expectations as citizens was the repair of the rail track between Chililabombwe and Livingstone as well as the refurbishing of the trains.
We also expected the revival of the Njanji commuter train in the capital city.
The commuter train can contribute to a rich transport mix to afford citizens various options of travel.
However, the return of the Njanji commuter train may be a pipe dream going by the construction of houses and shops along its route.
It is baffling to imagine that the Lusaka City Council allowed some people to build along the rail line.
This is besides allowing people to build along Burma and Chilimbulu roads.
This country is not short of land to allow construction going on behind Libala Secondary School and other plac-es.
Can sanity prevail, please!

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