Letter to the Editor

LCC should address workers’ outstanding salaries

Dear editor,
THE Lusaka City Council (LCC) employees have gone several months without salaries. This is bad and it is a violation of workers’ right to pay for work done.
The problem of council workers not being paid on time is countrywide. It has become a common trend for the local authorities to pay the workers when the latter resort to strike action.
Some council employees are planning to down tools if their plight is not addressed within this week.
The local authorities are now generating more revenue than before.
This follows the stopping of political cadres from collecting levies from bus stops and markets. Besides that, the local authorities have many sources of raising revenue.
These include trading permit fees, change of ownership of properties like houses and land, among others.
Given the above scenario, it is not right that the local authority workers are going for several months without receiving their perks or rather salaries.
If truth be told; it is this one: the council workers have some financial obligations to meet such as house rentals, school fees for their children and servicing of debts they contracted to make ends meet, among others.
Moving forward, the outstanding salaries for council employees should be addressed once and for all.
To achieve this, there is need for the government through the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to find amicable solutions. Otherwise, the problem of late payment of salaries will be recurring.
The issue of the council workers’ outstanding salaries is a serious one. This is because it has caused untold miseries to the employees; they can’t afford the basic necessities of life such as food, clothes and shelter as a consequence.

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