LCC on path to make city beautiful

LUSAKA mayor Wilson Kalumba says the local authority is working towards making Lusaka a beautiful and attractive city to live in.  

The mayor said to reach this objective, the council is working to ensure the business environment supports the establishment and growth of competitive enterprises of all sizes.  
He was speaking at the Cranfield University Business assignment at Southern Sun Hotel on Friday evening.
Mr Kalumba said it is the presence of enterprises that will allow citizens in the city to have access to competitively priced goods and services.  
The mayor said in the spirit of partnership, the local authority cherishes and welcomes the partnership of Cranfield University in supporting Zambian enterprises through its international business assignment.  
“For our companies to be competitive, it is important that we allow renowned educational institutions, such as the School of Management at Cranfield University, to have a look at how our organisations are operating. In business, challenges can come from various sources. There could be logistical issues, there could be marketing challenges or indeed there could be management or financial challenges. Most times, owners of businesses are unable or too busy with other tasks to see where the problem is,” he said.
Mr Kalumba said Zambia offers excellent opportunities in agri-business, tourism, energy, construction, manufacturing and the services sectors.
“Given the demographics of the Zambian population with high numbers of young people seeking jobs and business opportunities, we are most grateful for the support delivered by Cranfield University to Bongohive Innovations and Bongohive Consult, entities that are doing a magnificent job in helping young Zambians move forward with promising start up enterprises.
And Cranfield University Director of International Programmes Colin Hudson said that this was the third year of the business assignment to Zambia and the university has now established a well streamlined programme which will continue in Zambia.
Zambia Cranfield Initiative country manager Dr Chris Muyunda said the programme will seek to have some follow on support activities for enterprises that were in the programme in 2015 and 2016 while deepening support for SMEs in agribusiness, energy, construction and other related sectors.
Women owned and youth led enterprises would also be prioritised in the 2018 programme.


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