Law dropout but not out

CHRISTINE Nkole dropped out of law school and decided to venture into gospel music as a way of ministering the word of God.
Popularly known as Kristin in music circles, she believes that singing gospel is her calling and she would not do any other kind of music.
“I decided to follow my love for music after I was advised I could not be a lawyer and celebrity at the same time. I think gospel music has always been in me. I used to love the microphone, I used to sing in Sunday school and later in the school choir,” she says.
Growing up, Christine started singing at a tender age and later became a backing vocalist in her mother’s band.
In Grade 11, she took up a leading role in the same band.
While at school, she tried to join different clubs but felt out of place.
“When I gave my life to Christ, I tried drama and culture at school but I found myself not fitting in. Mum and dad were prominent gospel singers in church, and I think this somehow contributed to moulding my musical talent. Singing gospel music was the only thing I desired because that’s where I belong,” Christine said.
Between 2006 and 2007, Christine was approached to feature on the album of late gospel artiste Potipher.
Potipher later linked Christine to Kings Mumbi popular known as Kings Malembe Malembe and it was from there that Christine was introduced into the Zambian gospel music scene
Now with two gospel albums titled Aleisa and Fyonse, some of her popular songs are Aleisa, Yoyoyo, Palamineni, Tansha Neka, and Busuma.
Christine believes that singing gospel music is her life and that is what she was born to do.
She says she cannot do any other kind of music as she believes gospel music is her calling.
Christine says the Zambian gospel music industry is growing and that much needs to be done for it to reach a level of excellence.
“I feel we need to support each other as gospel artistes and avoid looking down on each other despite the genre of music one is doing. We need to work hard to get to a level of excellence,” she said.
Christine says she hopes to reach a level where she can minister to the masses for free in order to spread the word.
She says she would also love to come up with concerts in form of crusades to attract many people to God.
“I want to get to a level where people come to a concert without paying anything but hear the world of God and be transformed. I want to reach the level of Benny Hinn, but in gospel music,” Christine said.
Inspired by nature and the word of God, Christine is convinced there is God who is behind all things. She says she sees God’s greatness when she looks at inventions like an air plane.
Like any other person, Christine’s music career does not go without challenges.
She says it is difficult for people to differentiate between charity work and business as a gospel artiste.
Christine says the greatest challenge she faces in her music career is lack of appreciation and honour.
“There is little appreciation and honour for gospel artistes because people have not understood the importance of gospel music. At times, you are made to feel as though there is nothing you have done as a gospel artiste,” Christine said.
She says there is need for gospel artistes to understand the uniqueness that God has placed in them as they compose their music.
Christine says upcoming gospel artistes must also identify their careers to add a different flavour to the gospel music industry.
Born from Gibson and Cecilia Nkole in 1990, Christine started her primary school at Muyoma in 1995. She later qualified to Libala Basic where she did her primary education.
Christine completed her secondary education at Libala secondary in 2007 and later proceeded to National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) to pursue a career in law.
Six months into the programme, Christine dropped out of school and later went to Evelyn Hone College where she graduated with a diploma in social work.
Away from her music career, Christine also does business.
Married to Joseph Chingande who is also her manager, Christine is a celebrity on stage and a wife at home.
“When I am home, I do my chores as wife. I do not take my celebrity to my matrimonial home. My husband has been understanding and supportive of my career. Many times he goes out of his way just to ensure that I am on my feet,” she said.

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