Ladies go for ‘salaula’ fashions online

WITH the price of brand new clothes in boutiques and other upmarket outlets beyond the reach of many people in the low income bracket, families are looking to cheaper sources for their outfits – second hand attire commonly known in local parlance as ‘salaula’ or ‘bend down boutique’.
Those who had believed in the myth that second hand clothes were gathered from dead people overseas, no longer fear the ghosts.
‘Salaula’ is usually sold in open spaces in the central business district (CBD) and other places, mostly markets.
This makes the mechandise easily accessible for passers-by, who initially might not have budgeted for them.
Salaula comes in different qualities but the prices are usually affordable even for low-class citizens.
Business-minded persons are taking advantage of people’s love for second-hand clothes to rent shops where they sell the garments especially for customers who do not love crowded streets to do their shopping.
Some entrepreneurs are now using social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram to advertise their ‘salaula’ products to potential clients.
Others do not own shops but are instead just using social media to CLICK TO READ MORE

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