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Kwacha, Mufaya, SBI for Best Feature Film

WITH the arts mother body the National Arts Council of  Zambia (NAC) unable to hold the Ngoma Awards, affiliate associations have had to look within themselves to come-up with something that can cheer-up their membership.
The National Association for Media Arts (NAMA) has been leading the way, first under Bright Banda, who is now NAC vice chairperson, and now under Patrick “Sauloshi” Salubusa, who has continued with the initiative under what they call the Zambia Film, Television and Radio Awards (ZAFTA).
The first awards were sponsored by the government, but this year’s edition has seen MultiChoice Zambia coming on board with a K700,000-sponsorship for the April 1 awards, set for the Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka.
This is at it should be, especially that with Zambezi Magic, the southern African channel on DStv, MultiChoice Zambia are now a bigger stakeholder in the local film industry.
Now, the awards!
Kwacha by Kabwita Entertainment/Maynard Films, Mufaya (Every Moment Connections) and Strictly by Invitation (Owas Crystal Films) are in the running for the Graig Lungu Award for Best Feature Film while Mizo by Nelly Mbewe, Look in the Mirror (Chris Mukkuli) and Strictly by Invitation (Robam “Mwine Mushi” Mwape) are the nominees for the Joemwa Mtsinje Mwale Award for Best Script.
The Alfred Ziye Kandolo Award for the Best Director is being contested by Bob Chomba Nkosha (Dorica), Becky Ngoma (Fever) and Owas Ray Mwape (Strictly by Invitation) while the Agness “Esnart Kabanana” Mulimbika Award for the Best Actress has Mutale Macholowa (Fever), Cassie Kabwita (Kwacha) and Esnart Chushi (Misozi) as the nominees.
Owas Ray Mwape (Looking in the Mirror), Bizwell Mudenda (Mufaya) and Robam Mwape (Strictly by Invitation) are the finalists for the Danny “Sauzande” Kanengoki Award for Best Actor with Sex (Emmanuel Mwape), Imagination (Jessie Chisi) and Sera (Clive Mwape) nominated for the Godfrey “Kapotwe” Mwape Award for Best Short Film.
The Augustine Lungu Award for the Best TV Show has Talk it Over with Chicco (Oracle Media), Bring It On (Prime Media) and Smooth Talk (ZNBC) as the finalists, while the Charles Mando Award for Best TV Presenter has Mooka Sibbuku (ZED Corner), Mutinta “Chicco” Mazoka (Talk It Over with Chicco) and innocent Kalaluka (Smooth Talk).
The Maximo Chanda Mwale Award for the Best TV Series has Fever (Global Media), Time Race (Muvi TV) and Dorica (Bob Nkosha and Associates). Kwacha (Kabwita Entertainment/Maynard Films), Look in the Mirror (Owas Crystal Films) and Imagination (INZY/Talent) are nominated for the Antonio Katakwe Award for Best Picture.
The Chris Mongri Award for Best Sound has Saidi Phiri (The Beast in Man), Elijah Marko Tembo Jnr (Imagination) and Chaanga Mungalu (Sex).


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