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Kuomboka ceremony back!

THE Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has unveiled a budget of almost K1 million for this year’s Kuomboka traditional ceremony of the Lozi-speaking people.
Kufuluhela (Kuomboka) national chairperson Induna Imandi unveiled the budget on Thursday during the first preparatory meeting held at the Kuta in Limulunga.
Induna Imandi said BRE has proposed K987,660 for the ceremony, which will be held for the first time in four years.
The proposed amount has since been allocated to the 14 sub-committees for mobilisation.
And Induna Imandi and other members who attended the meeting demanded that the financial controlling committee gives a report on the money raised for the failed ceremonies at the next meeting.
The demands came after members called for a detailed report on how the money raised for the 2016 event was used.
The participants at the meeting said they were in order to call for a report as it would help the public and BRE, who have been labelled to have misused the money, “know the exact funds in the account”.
Meanwhile, Induna Imandi said it was sad that BRE has been wrongly accused of having misused the money raised in the past when there is a financial committee that should account for it.
“It’s sad that BRE is being wrongly accused over these monies. We have a finance committee which should update us on our next meeting,’’ he said.
The dates for this year’s Kuomboka Ceremony will be announced next month.
The Kuomboka ceremony, which attracts both local and international spectators, was last held in 2012.

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