Kuni finds ‘Trippy Love’


PERFORMING artiste, art director and television personality Mukuni Mulundika, aka Kuni, has a new single titled ‘Trippy Love’.
The single, which is his first as a soloist, comes on the heels of ‘Don’t say goodbye’, which he did with Cleo Ice Queen.
Kuni says the song is about the love between two people that started with the best hopes and intentions but has turned toxic and filled with mayhem.
“The song expresses the distress of trying over and over to make something work because of the amount of love in one’s heart. The love has become trippy, which means hilarious or intoxicated,” Kuni, who worked with Eazy as the producer, explains.
He says he will work on releasing a few more singles with some high-profile collaborations before finally releasing an album.
“I plan on working on a few more singles and a couple of high-profile features working ultimately towards an album. I also plan on flexing my muscle in other fields that I’m passionate about and tie into brand Kuni, namely fashion and television,” he says.
Kuni started singing professionally in 2006 when he joined Uncle Rex and the Band as lead singer.
“I’ve been singing since I was eight but professionally since 2006. I joined Uncle Rex and the Band as lead singer for a period of six years. It spawned an album and a couple of hit singles and I honed my skills on the live music entertainment circuit,” he says.

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