Letter to the Editor

Kudos to Lusaka Fitness Squad

Dear editor,
I AM writing to warmly acknowledge and appreciate the Lusaka Fitness Squad (LFS) for the services the squad is offering to the public.

As President Edgar Lungu stated, “In achieving the National Development Plan, we need a healthy and productive community starting from the top leadership to the grass-roots level. This will help individuals to maximise productivity in their area of work. This will also reduce Government expenditure on medical expenses which are high.”
Therefore, with the revolution of many fitness, nutrition and health facilities, we need to support and develop healthy lifestyles. This will help in fulfilling the national health campaign which His Excellency President Lungu launched, by eating clean, participating in physical activities like dancing, yoga, marathons, aerobics and calisthenics. The President has already paved the way for us where even on his birthday he was spotted running within the premises of State House (Zambia Daily Mail).
UNZA student and sports activist

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