Letter to the Editor

Kudos Nkeyema MP

Dear editor,
I WRITE to commend the Nkeyema lawmaker in Kaoma, Western Province, Honourable Kapelwa Mbangweta, for coming to the aid of the marginalised in his constituency.The lawmaker, who is opposition UPND member, recently adopted seven orphans in Nkeyema. This is indeed commendable.
I hope other lawmakers will take a leaf from such an undertaking.
This has definitely put a smile on the faces of those children, who otherwise had no hope of good livelihood ever in life.
Helping the marginalised, especially orphans and old people in our communities, should be a calling to everyone.
Moreover, with the stressed economy, those with means should not overlook such responsibility but embrace it.
To the lawmaker, I say hands up to you and continue advancing your campaign promises.
This is not about politicking but working for the people as it is enshrined in the Constitution that lawmakers are servants of the people.
You have just shown that you have a heart for people.
You have surely exhibited your generosity and that you can share the little you have with others.

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