Knock of hunger on Gwembe

A DRIED-UP maize field in Gwembe, Southern Province. Right, a dried-up river in one of the valley areas of Gwembe. PICTURES: CATHERINE MUMBA

THERE is no food to talk about at her homestead.
Sabina Sibuumbo is a 58-year-old widow who is taking care of 11 people in Chizingwe village in Chief Chipepo’s area, about 63 kilometres from Gwembe town.
“I have some land where I do the farming with my children and grandchildren but because we have not had rain, my crops have dried up and now we are starving,” says Ms Sibuumbo, who has been heading her household for five years now following the death of her husband.
“Here in the valley, we completely do not have maize, so we pound baobab fruits (mabuyu) and use the powder to make porridge and also we survive on sugar cane which is around a nearby stream that still has water while we sell some.
“We also survive on wild okra [with leaves] which we partake by adding soda and later drink it.”
But Ms Sibuumbo is worried that the area may soon record some deaths resulting from hunger because the mubuyu porridge that they are depending on is initially a snack.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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