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Kitwe woman insists brother-in law practises witchcraft

A WOMAN of Kitwe who has been dragged to court for accusing his brother-in-law of practising witchcraft has insisted that the complainant is a

wizard who allegedly has five rats he uses to attract business to his shop.
Before Buchi local court senior magistrate Elita Bwalya and Elizabeth Banda was Patrick Chanda who sued his sisters-in-law Gertrude Mulenga and Regina Nkhata for allegedly interfering in his marriage.
Chanda, 40, asked the court to put a restraining order on the two defendants so that they can stop their attempts of ruining his marriage to their sister Mary Mulenga.
“Problems in my marriage started when Gertrude’s daughter started staying at my home in 2016. Within months of her staying with us, she started misbehaving by coming home late and drunk. That is how I chased her from my house.
“This did not go down well with my sisters in-law who take turns in insulting me over the decision I had made. They even insinuate that I have charms that I use to spur my business,” Chanda said.
Chanda, who owns three grocery stores said his sisters-in-law also accuse him of having an affair with one of his workers, thereby inciting his wife to leave her matrimonial home.
But Mulenga rebuffed Chanda’s submission by stating that he has five rats that he uses to attract customers to his shop to earn more money.
She told the court that Chanda is the one who started calling her a witch and accused her of burying a still born baby at his grocery.
Mulenga accused her brother-in-law of not taking care of his family but throws his money into the Kafue River for ritual purposes.
“The only reason he doesn’t like me is that I encourage my sister [Mary] to put her faith in God and not in charms. This man doesn’t take care of his family but every time he goes to throw money in the Kafue River,” Gertrude said.
She said Chanda even hates his first born daughter because one day, she discovered money in a sack suspected to be for ritual purposes.
Meanwhile, Nkhata wondered what Chanda was talking about when he says they interfere in his marriage.
In passing judgment, the court ordered the two sisters to refrain from interfering in Chanda’s marriage.
“Marriage is between two people, you have no right to start meddling in your sister’s marriage. If she is not happy with her marriage, she should have sued for reconciliation or divorce,” magistrate Bwalya said.

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