Kiki opens up

SINGER and songwriter Kiki has opened up about her health struggles, revealing how she has had to undergo two surgeries in order to fix her lung.
Unknown to her, she had been working with just one lung for some time.
If there is one thing she has learnt from her experience, it is that man survives only by God’s grace.
“Things can change in the blink of an eye,” she says. “We never know what’s around the corner. Even when we think we do, and are planning accordingly. The only thing we have control over is in doing our best to be well and live as fully as we can. The rest is in God’s hands.”
Kiki revealed how she was in the studio working without being aware that she was actually singing on one lung.
“I was in a top studio in Athens not long ago recording a song I co-wrote with two fellow musos here,” she says. “I wasn’t feeling 100 percent with a bothersome dry cough but was well enough to still sing, and didn’t want to cancel last minute… so we went ahead and did it.
“Very little did I know that I was singing with just one lung, because the pain and tightness I felt in my chest for about half hour two days ago was in fact me suffering a pneumothorax ( my right lung collapsed), I thought it was just the same thing I experience now and again from stress… although yes it was much much worse this time.”
However, luckily for Kiki, she was able to see the doctor the next day about her dry cough.
Upon receiving her x-ray results a few days later, she was called by the doctor and CLICK TO READ MORE

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