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Key attributes, abilities, expectations for Head of State – Part II

ANY discussion regarding the most suitable person for Head of State and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces among the current contenders for the highest office in Zambia is likely to spark interesting debate at best, and fights at worst.
It is important to carefully consider the attributes of any person standing for this important position before making a decision regarding who to vote for.
Like I stated last week, the type of leader we usher into State House in January 2015 will, to a large extent, determine the level of economic activity in the country depending on the macro-economic policies he or she propagates.
The level of economic activity will determine the level of business activity and lead to an increase or decrease in the number of customers both locally and internationally.
Zambia’s type of democracy is admired by many and all peace-loving Zambians should do their best to uphold this democracy and refrain from the temptation to hoodwink anyone or take anyone for granted.  The in-coming President will, among other things, have to ensure that we continue to enjoy the peace that we have enjoyed for the past 50 years.
In the last article, I invited readers to contribute to this topic and below is a contribution that I received from my number one fan, Mr Derrick Nasando, a teacher based in Mkushi.
Mr Nasando starts by stating that he finds my exposition of the subject matter comprehensive and that it provides an intellectual framework  from where the general populace can deduce the key attributes of people aspiring for plot one.
He adds that prominent among these is the tactful non-partisan approach applied.  He then goes on to state his expectations of what the Head of State should be able to do and says that he is looking for a candidate who will develop tertiary industries in Zambia. Currently, Zambia has vibrant primary and secondary industries.
Their importance cannot be underestimated. With the attainment of the golden jubilee of independence, Zambia needs to have processing industries so that it can export finished products as opposed to the continued export of various raw materials.
Mr Nasando also says he is looking for a candidate who will foster an indigenous approach to economic development. His hopes and expectations are the hopes of many other Zambians.
When an economy booms, success takes care of itself.  We have for a long time been talking about diversification of the economy away from mining, which is the main stay of our economy. There is need to have a goal-oriented Head of State who will ensure that right people are placed in right positions in different economic sectors and see to it that such sectors contribute to Zambia’s development.
It is easy for anyone to stand on a platform and make promises and pledges but the real challenge is transforming the promises into deliverables and putting in place committed people to help implement government policy.
A Head of State, therefore, should have the ability to surround himself or herself with people who are qualified, capable and committed to duty as well as be bold enough to make changes or reshuffles if things are not moving at the desired pace.
It is painful to boast of abundant natural resources when very few Zambians derive any benefits from these resources. Being in State House is not easy and the new President will need to have an outstanding skill in being able to identify potential.
Not everyone will be in agreement with the President or government’s priorities. The President will therefore need to have a high degree of tolerance while at the same time be firm.  Your submissions are welcome as we conclude this topic next week.
May I take this opportunity to thank all readers of this column for taking time to read the articles published under this column, and for your useful comments and contributions. Happy New Year to you all and may the good Lord richly bless you!

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