Letter to the Editor

Keep away from drainage

Dear editor,
I WAS saddened by the recent story of a teenage girl who fell into the Bombay drainage in Lusaka and was washed away before being rescued.
I am happy for the girl that she survived this harrowing experienced, but am saddened that this is an incident that could have been avoided if residents adhered to basic regulations.
Often we blame local authorities or Government for shortcomings, but this is a case of residents themselves being fully responsible for this incident.
They have stolen or allowed to be stolen protective barriers that would prevent people from getting to these water drainages.
Now children, and even adults, are exposed to this danger. There is a serious threat that more people could suffer this misfortune or worse as the rains intensify.
Some residents are saying that ‘Boma iyanganepo’ (Government must do something about this), yet Government has already done its part.
It is now the responsibility of residents to safeguard this infrastructure from vandals and thieves. It is also their responsibility to educate each other, especially their children, on the dangers of playing near this waterway.
Let’s not wait for a calamity before taking these simple but urgent measures. Let’s do this now.

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