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KBF reveals top ambition


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) member Kelvin Fube has reacted angrily to his dismissal as vice chairperson for elections, an ad hoc sub- committee for the party’s central committee.
Chairperson for elections Jean Kapata appointed Mr Fube as her vice chairperson but revoked the appointment last week.
Mr Fube reacted sharply to the removal and said he initiated his dismissal after Ms Kapata warned him for issuing conflicting statements in the media without her approval.
At a press briefing broadcast live on some radio stations yesterday, Mr Fube said he had a working relationship with Ms Kapata and that he had even allowed her student niece to work for his law firm even without undergoing interviews.
He said it was unacceptable, therefore, for Ms Kapata to call him a rebel even in the process of correcting his approach to work.
Ms Kapata appointed Mr Fube as vice chairperson for elections prior to the August 11 general elections, as empowered by the PF constitution.
Mr Fube also said “If you’re minister and you have no ambitions of becoming President, then there is something wrong with you”.
On his call for elections in the party, Mr Fube said “I wasn’t subjecting the office of the Presidency to a convention as I have been misquoted”.
The PF has said the party general conference will be held at an appropriate time and that it would give the party a new lease of life because democracy demands that elections are held even at party level.
President Lungu, who was elected PF president in 2015, said the PF is intact and will not be distracted from its focus to develop Zambia.
Mr Bwalya also referred to the President serving his last term.
Article 106(6) of the Zambian constitution says the President is deemed (a) to have served a full term as President if, at the date on which the President assumed office, at least three years remain before the date of the next general elections.
And Mr Fube has demanded an apology from Ms Kapata for allegedly calling him a rebel.
He said he can never rebel against President Lungu and the party that he has helped build.
And Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili says he has no grudge against President Lungu and that he is still a staunch member of the PF.
He was speaking when he donated bags of fertiliser to his constituents at Mpatamatu Sports Complex.
Dr Kambwili was dropped as Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services about two months ago.

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