KBF, Felix mutate into UPND Alliance

THE Zambia We Want and UPND Alliance

THE Zambia We Want and UPND Alliance have formed a pact with opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema still remaining presidential candidate in the August 12 general elections.
This is three days after the formation of the Zambia We Want alliance, which comprises the Felix Mutati-led Movement for Democratic Change and Kelvin Fube’s Zambia Shall Prosper Movement.
Other parties in the Zambia We Want are Ernest Mwansa’s Zambians for Empowerment and Development, and Movement for Change and Equality led by Kaluba Musenda.
During a media briefing yesterday, Mr Hichilema called for unity of purpose among Zambians if the challenges the country is facing are to be addressed.
He said different political parties can form alliances but it is up to Zambians to choose leaders they feel have the ability to address their problems.
“We will campaign so that we can remove those who have made people to be without food in their stomach. When citizens are united, they can CLICK TO READ MORE

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