Letter to the Editor

Kavalamanja: Nation should be informed of this event

Dear editor,
THE 2019 commemorations in Kavalamanja were held this week.
Hopefully, in years to come, the nation will be very much informed and aware of this event to the extent that irrespective of where they are they can stand in silence for at least a minute in honour of the lives lost in trying to defend the country.
That minute may also cover for the lost lives in other places who were directly affected by the wars of liberation. Most of Zambia’s land, especially that in the Zambezi valley, was militarily active as the country assisted in liberating the southern African sub-region.
Kavalamanja, perhaps, marked among the major onslaughts that the country was to face at the hands of the imperial regimes in the region.
We respect their gallantry. Indeed, 1978 you are so cruel.
The bowels of the earth in Kavalamanja swallowed you as you succumbed to heavy artillery and fire force at the hands of the insurgent Southern Rhodesian army and airforce onslaught.
Citizens interested can watch the two documentaries on Kavalamanja by visiting this website: www.yeziarts.com

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