Kaunda’s contribution to free education

FIRST president Kenneth Kaunda speaks to journalists (not in picture) during a press briefing at his residence in Lusaka yesterday. PICTURE: CHANDA MWENYA

AS THE adage goes, ‘education is the best equaliser,’’ Zambia’s founding President Kenneth Kaunda lived to see that all Zambians attained quality education that would in turn help him achieve his dream of taking the country to higher levels.
Dr Kaunda introduced free education which he believed was key ingredient in attaining economic freedom.
Dr Kaunda knew that he needed a competent team of patriotic Zambians who would help him in achieving his dream for the country.
Zambia’s High Commissioner to Zimbabwe Emmanuel Chenda said he was highly indebted to Dr Kaunda for enabling him to receive education free of charge.
He said two years after the country attained her independence from British colonial rule in 1964, the Kaunda administration managed to construct schools in all the districts of Zambia.
“By 1966 every district had a secondary school. Education was not just for the rich. There was equity all the way. We are indebted to KK for who we are,’’ Mr Chenda said.
He said Dr Kaunda’s children went to Government schools and successfully completed their education.
Mr Chenda said all what someone needed was to pass the examinations to proceed to the next grade.
“We owe Kaunda unrepayable debt. No-one dropped out of school because of lack of money. Dr Kaunda laid a good foundation for us,’’ Mr Chenda said.
Since teachers were not enough at the time, the Kaunda administration had to call expatriates from India, Ghana, Sri-Lanka and Ireland to beef up support in various schools across the country.
Mr Chenda described Dr Kaunda as a man who was orderly in his affairs and CLICK TO READ MORE

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