Letter to the Editor

Kasote’s Article on 6 Presidents spot on

Dear editor,
THE special feature article entitled ‘Six presidents, Unique legacies’ by Doris kasote on October 24, was very educative and informative.

One of the most reliable ways of learning history is through written records and it is gratifying that the writer did just that and the information will educate a lot of people many years to come.
I personally learnt that Dr Kaunda stressed on unity as a nation with the One Zambia, One Nation.
Dr Chiluba brought home ownership and declared Zambia as a Christian nation. Dr Mwanawasa was a firm believer of justice and good governance.
Mr Banda facilitated construction of National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.
Mr Sata brought massive infrastructure development and prudent financial management.
Incumbent president Edgar Lungu paved way for a constitution that allows for 50% +1 election of the president. Thanks so much to madam Kasote.

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