Kapata guides on mukula trade

Mukula logs.

MINISTER of Lands and Natural Resources Jean Kapata has urged Zambians to stay away from illegal trade of mukula logs to avoid being

sent to jail.
Ms Kapata said in an interview yesterday that the security wings are on high alert to protect the natural resource.
She said Government will continue to safeguarde the mukula tree as a valuable natural resource.
“I also want to thank President Lungu for having come to our aid because I think now you don’t hear things like 100 trucks have been impounded on this part of the country, which is because we have to put in stiff measures by allowing the security wing to come in and assist,” she said.
Ms Kapata said mukula export trading is under control and, so far, security forces are in bushes looking for those doing illegal dealings of the species.
“But for those who want to trade within the country, we are allowing them by giving them permits which are given by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources,” she said.
Ms Kapata said Government is asking those who want to export to add value to the wood by exporting finished products.
She said by exporting finished products, people will be able to bring money into the country.
Ms Kapata said only 18 people have export licences, which expire every after six months.
President Lungu recently signed a Statutory Instrument (SI) to bar transiting of mukula logs in Zambia from neighbouring countries.
This was followed by Government suspending export of timber species that include mukula logs.
Ms Kapata said timber export permits will only be issued for processed or sawn timber.
She explained that the move is in accordance with SI number 94 of 2015.

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