Kanyama houses demolitions to end – councillor

KANYAMA Ward 10 councillor Aggrey Masumo says his ward is working with the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to regularise illegal plots in the area to end demolitions.
Mr Masumo said the demolition of illegal structures in Kanyama would soon end following the exercise with the LCC.
He said most illegal plots came about as a result of people settling on other people’s farms.
“We are happy to conduct this exercise to legalise illegal plots here. This was made possible by farm owners who agreed to sell plots to illegal settlers at their various farms,” Mr Masumo said.
He thanked the farm owners for co-operating with the council and constituency leaders in making such a decision.
Mr Masuma said residents are being allocated house numbers in an exercise that started last September and is expected to end this August.
He advised people that will benefit from the exercise to be paying ground rates and other statutory obligations.
A police post has also been built to enhance security in his ward.
Meanwhile, Mr Masumo said illegal plots have encumbered plans to build some amenities such as health posts and schools in Kanyama.
“The constituency does not have enough land to construct more health posts and schools because of illegal plots,” he said.
He was, however, happy that some development projects such as the construction of a multi-purpose community hall are coming up.

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