Kantu waxes ‘Honey’ with Macky II

Kantu and Macky II.

SONGSTRESS Kantu last week released a new single titled Honey featuring Macky II, which she says is her first single from her debut album which will be released this year.

“This is actually the first single off the album. I’m yet to release some more songs soon,” she says. “It [the song] talks about how other people force their way in a relationship. It’s a song that encourages one to trust their partner and not listen to what others say because at the end of the day, a relationship is only between two people, the third one is a liar.”
The single was produced by Killer Beats (KB) of K-Army Studios in Lusaka and was co-written with R’n’B singer Neo.
“The song was inspired by my experiences in relationships. Living life in the public eye takes its toll on relationships because people talk and spread unnecessary rumours. So, the song is for everyone out there that has been a victim of rumours and whose relationship has either been ended or strained due to these rumours,” Kantu explains.
The singer, who has recently been riding high with the song “Anajaila” on which she collaborated with Wezi and Bombshell, is currently working on her debut album which she says will be released this year.
“I don’t have any album out. I’ve had to change the direction of my music hence the slight delay. However, the album is underway. I’ve worked with different producers such as Jerry Fingers, KB, T-Sean and many more so as to have a diverse feel,” she says. “I’ve featured a number of artistes but I’ll keep that as a surprise.”
Kantu is promising a soulful album on which she has poured out her heart.
“They should expect a very beautiful and soulful album. I pour out my heart on and all the songs on it are from the heart,” she says. “The album is personal, it talks about everything from being a woman to being human.”

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