Letter to the Editor

Kalusha has run his race

Dear editor,
IN LIFE there is time and opportunity for everything.
Kalusha Bwalya has run his race. Without any doubt, he has positively contributed to Zambian soccer, both on and off the pitch.
Sticking around unnecessarily will make him lose even the little dignity he has after being cleared by FIFA.
All of us know what happened. Imagine he was the one in charge.
Was he going to allow another person to stand instead of him? I think this thing of saying he is the only one who is marketable is not right, not true and misplaced thought.
I mean, our memories are still very fresh over what happened in COSAFA in 2006, where he terribly lost the presidency, only getting two votes after forcing his way ahead of Teddy Mulonga, who was at the time FAZ president and he was his vice.
Andrew Kamanga is the man in charge of running soccer in this nation currently. Let him take up the role and try. It’s his time and his opportunity. Fellow countrymen and women, let us not take the nation backwards. Thanks ‘Great’ Kalu for listening to my humble advice.

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