Kalingalinga through artist’s lens

KERSTIN (right) giving a lecture at Henry Tayali Art Centre in the Lusaka Showgrounds.

LAST week, a group of local artists were taken through a photographic workshop at Henry Tayali Visual Art Centre in the Lusaka Showgrounds by a Anglia Ruskin University photography lecturer Kerstin Hacker.
Kerstin is a BA Photography Course leader in the Faculty of Art, Law and Sciences at Cambridge School of Art. She has also extensively worked as a photographer for major non-governmental organisations and newspapers in the United Kingdom.
After taking the local artists through a series of academic discussions in photography and looking at images taken elsewhere on the African continent and beyond as well as critical discussions on how photography can be a vital tool in defining and redefining a culture, Kerstin gave the participating artists a practical task to tell the story of Lusaka’s Kalingalinga Township.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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