Letter to the Editor

Kalabo Trades Training Institute: What’s the plan?

Dear editor,
I WAS impressed with the buildings that President Edgar Lungu commissioned this week.
The facility looked very good and for once I did not see any Chinese man lurking in the corner or were they edited out of the field of view? The accommodation quarters were impressive too.
I saw rooms with two double bunk-beds each, nice mattresses but no wardrobes or reading desks in the rooms, but hey, most of the students will have very few personal possessions and a suitcase under the bed should be enough.
Then there was the ‘luxury’ television room. Hopefully, the institution will subscribe to cable or satellite television to give the students a wide choice of channels rather than Dead NBC alone.
The selected ‘students’ who spoke did very well too.
They were fluent in very good English.
I could have mistaken them for university graduate students.
The simple demonstration of an electric circuit was well presented too.
The PF government is doing very well but, and I must add this caveat.
Is there a real PLAN? It was very difficult to hear everything that was being said.
The State House media team should invest in an overhead microphone so that we can hear the conversations AND ‘Go’ camera that eliminates movement. It is very dizzying to watch. I could donate one if they asked nicely!
When I ask, ‘Is there a plan?’ I have in mind the University of Zambia at Great East Road and Ridgeway campus. In the 1970s and 80s, the rooms were occupied by the number of students as was intended.
At Ridgeway campus, we had a room for each student. Linen was provided and laundered by the government. Things changed. The intake outstripped the capacity.
The same goes for hospitals. It is all well and good to build these institutions but what is the long-term plan? How is it going to be funded? How are students going to be selected? I can foresee the institution being overwhelmed with applicants soon, and then what?

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