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Kalaba commends Rwanda

MINISTER of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba has commended Rwanda and the entire African continent for adopting innovations and special methodologies of dealing with challenges.
Speaking shortly after a conducted tour of special economic zones (SEZ) here yesterday, the minister said Rwanda is poised to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) because of the conducive investment climate that it has put in place
“The intention is not different from what we are seeing here like we have back home under the multi-facility economic zones save for the fact that the modus operandi might be different but the intention is to create wealth for our people and to ensure that levels of poverty are ameliorated,” Mr Kalaba said.
Rwanda has embarked on an ambitious concept of SEZs in its efforts to reconstruct the country’s economy after the 1994 genocide.
Once fully completed, the SEZs will serve as hubs for businesses with the view to boosting the economy, creating employment and increasing exports.
During the tour of the Kigali SEZ by Mr Kalaba, Rwanda Development Board SEZ business development specialist Claude Ngarambe said the project is designed to incorporate a variety of business investments.
Mr Ngarambe told Mr Kalaba that Government has invested in the establishment of fully-serviced plots with the entire infrastructure for investment with good roads, sewerage system, good water and electricity supply as well as good internet connectivity.
He said all these services have been incorporated in the planning stages of the economic zone to enable investors willing to set base in Rwanda to invest without challenges.
“The country has done this to make the investment climate more attractive to investors looking for the best destination in the world to put their money. All those investors who will be coming will be employing our people and this will increase our level of exports.
“The SEZ will have a one-stop-shop where investors coming will find everything in one area to allow for establishing businesses such as the Rwanda Revenue Authority, Rwanda city and immigration,” Mr Ngarambe said
He said under the SEZ, investors will only be allowed to sell their plots after fully developing their investments to discourage speculations in the market.
Rwanda is endowed with a mountainous landscape, which is one of its major attractions and is home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys.
The country also grows a lot of coffee and tea.
According to World Bank statistics, agriculture is Rwanda’s economic mainstay, contributing 40 percent of the country’s US$5.1 billion gross domestic product.

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