Kafulamase Primary School facing ICT challenges

MANAGEMENT at Kafulamase Primary School in Kabwe is having challenges in teaching information communication technology (ICT) practical lessons due to lack of electricity and computers.

School head teacher Esnart Mwangata told Kabwe Central member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube when he recently visited the learning institution that despite having textbooks for ICT, learners cannot do practicals.
“Just giving theory lessons to the pupils is not helping us. Most children are failing the subject without practical lessons,” Ms Mwangata said.
She said if the school is helped with solar power and computers, it will be easy for teachers to offer ICT practical lessons.
Ms Mwangata said it is important that children in rural areas also learn ICT so that they are not left behind in the technological world.
She said ICT is an important subject as it helps children in rural areas to have some advanced knowledge.
And Mr Ngulube said Government is committed to ensuring that quality education is delivered to people in all parts of the country.
Mr Ngulube assured the school management that he will help in addressing the challenges facing the learning institution.
“This is a compulsory subject for all pupils as everything around us is now under technology, and every person should have knowledge of ICT,” he said.
Mr N g u l u b e s a i d Government will ensure that all schools in rural areas are provided with computers so that pupils can learn ICT practical lessons.


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