Kabwe’s Coronation Park to become shopping mall

Clayton Park is under the management of the local authority.

THE Kabwe Municipal Council (KMC) says the process of converting the use of Coronation Play Park into a commercial plot is now before the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA).
This follows a council resolution last year to lease the park to Unity Distributors, a Zambian company, for the development of a shopping mall but some stakeholders are opposing the move.
In an interview, Kabwe Town Clerk Ronald Daka said the local authority is waiting for feedback from ZEMA on the way forward regarding the construction of a shopping mall.
“The park was leased for construction of a shopping mall. It is also going through an environmental impact assessment by ZEMA,” Mr Daka said.
Members of the public were invited to make submissions on the environmental impact assessment but the council had not received any comments.
The council made the resolution to lease the park under his predecessor Oliver Muuka, and it advertised the change of use of the park.
Some residents have, however, accused the council of not being transparent in the manner in which it leased the park because people were not consulted.
The local authority has maintained that Unity Distributors was selected as the preferred bidder among the investors who expressed interest in establishing a shopping mall at Coronation Play Park.
Meanwhile, Mr Daka has urged Kabwe residents to have keen interest in attending full council meetings.
He said it is only journalists who are in the public gallery during such meetings.
“What we would like to see is people here in Kabwe to attend council meetings,” Mr Daka said.
“There are a lot of things that the council is doing which people should know.”

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