Kabwata constituency candidates fold sleeves

KABWATA Cultural Village.


KABWATA constituency is one of the most influential constituencies in Lusaka Province. Some key neighbourhoods falling in this constituency include Kabwata, Libala and Chilenje. According to the 2010 population survey, the cumulative population from the five wards in the constituency stands at 174,338 people. The wards are Kabwata, Libala, Chilenje, Kamwala and Kamulanga. With only a few weeks before the country heads to the polls, it’s game on for candidates contesting the Kabwata constituency parliamentary seat. With the campaigns in full gear, selected candidates now have to bid for the electorate’s favour. Four candidates have been selected by their respective political parties and are vying for the parliamentary seat.
But who is who among the list of hopeful contenders?  Fifty-six-year-old Fred Mubanga is the selected Democratic Party (DP) candidate. He once served as Patriotic Front (PF) Kabwata branch chairman for a period of five years from 2011 to 2016, before joining the opposition DP. Mr Mubanga, a mining and taxation consultant, believes he has all what it takes to carry on the legacy that has been left by former Kabwata constituency Member of Parliament Given Lubinda, who served as the area parliamentarian since 2001. This is not his first attempt to contest for the seat. In 2016, Mr Mubanga was among the list of five PF candidates eyeing the parliamentary seat before it was decided that it would be given to the incumbent (Mr Lubinda) to recontest. During that period, he served as assistant campaign manager for the former parliamentarian. For Mr Mubanga, one of the critical areas of focus, once ushered into office, is to foster infrastructure development and ensure that residents receive equal benefits from the developmental plans. “The constituency has undergone transformative change. It has infrastructure, but out of the five wards that are there, there are two wards in Kamulanga and Chilenje, especially in Mahopo area, which are lagging behind in terms of development because there are places which do not have water. People do not have drinking water. This is something I will focus to improve,” he said. Mr Mubanga says CLICK TO READ MORE

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