Kabanshi speaks for disabled girls


MINISTER of Community Development Emerine Kabanshi says disabled girls are among the most underprivileged in society as they face barriers to attain gender equality and development.
Contributing to a panel of discussion on women, health and science in Italy on Thursday, Ms Kabanshi said girls with disabilities face marginalisation and obstacles in pursuit of full realisation of their rights and inclusion in society.
She said physically challenged girls experience segregation due to many factors.
“Disabled girls have been excluded from participating in the economic development of the country because of the difficulties they face,” Ms Kabanshi.
This is according to a statement issued on Saturday by first secretary for press and public relations at the Zambian High Commission in London, Abigail Chaponda.
Ms Kabanshi said most physically challenged girls shy away because they are ashamed of their appearance and called on everyone to mentor, empower and protect and include them in national development programmes.
She expressed sadness that girls with disabilities have inadequate access to education and urged the private sector to come on board to help them.
“The social cash transfer programme that we have implemented has improved things. Disabled people are coming out in the open and they have started presenting their cases to the officers so that they can be helped,” Ms Kabanshi said.

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