Judgment day looms for Mulungushi varsity rioters

Judgment day looms for Mulungushi varsity rioters
MULUNGUSHI University has identified students who allegedly took part in riots at the institution and action will be taken against them.
Vice-chancellor Hellicy Ng’ambi said the students were caught on CCTV and the university will take action against them once investigations have been concluded.
Professor Ng’ambi said the matter is under the university’s disciplinary committee, which will conclude deliberations today.
“The disciplinary committee is doing their own investigations and I’m not allowed to interfere in those proceedings. The police will also make an input as regards what transpired. The suspects will be called and interviewed one by one depending on the available evidence,” he said.
Prof Ng’ambi said she will issue a comprehensive statement later.
“As an interested party, I cannot be part of that because it’s possible to direct the investigations in the wrong direction. I have to wait until the investigations are concluded. The students will be charged according to what they did and I can only give the full details tomorrow,” she said.
She said the damage to property by the students was massive.
“There is an evaluation right now; there was damage to two vehicles, the dean’s office and library, the business centre as well as the bar, where we keep drinks. CCTV helped in identifying the culprits,” she said.
Prof Ng’ambi said the institution is working on improving the CCTV facility to enhance security at the university.
“Some of the students were caught on CCTV. We have the facility at the university and are working on improving it. Once we get funding, we shall improve the facility,” she said.
Government closed Mulungushi University on May 1 following damage to property by students, who were protesting against management’s decision to increase school fees.
Police arrested 59 students, who spent a night in police custody, for allegedly inciting their colleagues.


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