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Journalism hub of voiceless

BRIDGET Chakulunta wants to become a journalist so that she can help bridge the information gap and be a voice of the voiceless.

She is also determined to use her career to bring out issues affecting people in the community as well as the nation at large.
Bridget is a Grade 12 pupil at Dili Private School in Chawama township.
Bridget, 18, believes most people have had their concerns overshadowed because of lack of representation or a voice to speak for them.
The second in a family of five, Bridget also wants to uplift the status of her family when she becomes educated.
She said being a journalist has been her childhood dream and that she is determined and equal to the task.
“I feel I can positively contribute to the development of our country by highlighting issues of nation importance and concern. I also want to positively impact on someone’s life through my writings, “Bridget said.
She works hard at school to improve her academic performance and also prepare for the final examination.
Bridget says education is an equaliser and that people who are educated have better opportunities in life compared to those who are not. Her favourite subjects include mathematics, English and also sciences.
In her free time, she listens to music after which she helps her grandmother with cooking and other house chores. Bridget believes in God as a creator, protector and also sustainer of her life.
“I studying up to 23:00 hours every day. I believe studying helps me sharpen my memory and level of understanding. It easy for me to remember what I learn at school when I study,” she said with a smile.
Bridget advised fellow young people to believe in themselves and work hard if they are to become successful.


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