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Joshua Mengo dreams big

AT 13 YEARS old and in grade seven at Rock of Ages Primary School, Joshua Mengo dreams of setting up an organisation whose aim will be to improve and promote the advancement of technology in Zambia.
Inspired by Leonardo Davinci, Joshua who aspires to be a scientific engineer once he completes secondary education believes that promoting the use of technology will advance development in many sectors of the economy.
“I strongly believe that technological advancements are a vital component of development as they promote efficiency and high levels of productivity. For example, electronic voting will promote transparency and accountability in the electoral system and the issue of rigging will be a thing of the past,” he says with a smile.
Joshua feels the country has for a long time lagged behind in the advancement of science and technology due to lack of infrastructure, especially in schools.
In his free time, he likes watching documentaries on science and technology so as to broaden his understanding of science-related topics. His favourite subjects are science, mathematics and computer studies.
Besides the studies, Joshua enjoys playing football, computer games and chess to relax his mind.
“I would love to go and study in Japan because that country is advanced technologically in terms of infrastructure and equipment,” he says.
He advises young people to work extra hard in school if they are to achieve their dreams.
His teacher, Kenneth Hakalima, on the other hand describes Joshua as an excellent pupil who is committed to school work and always aims high.
Mr Hakalima says Joshua is hard working, humble but also has a good sense of humour.
“His performance in class is above average. He generally has a spirit of achieving and I believe he will one day become whoever he dreams to be,” Mr Hakalima says.

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