Joseph Kayanika: Handball star in making

HANDBALL is literally a new sport in Zambia.
It was previously in existence but not as competitive as it has been the past five years.
Zambia was never represented at international competitions due to lack of an organised league.
Several factors might have hampered the growth of the sport.
The sport is slowly gaining momentum both at local and international levels.
Construction of the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) helped revive most sports disciplines that almost became non existent in Zambia.
The centre which is located within Lusaka’s peri-urban area has given an opportunity to youths in surrounding areas to access it at no cost.
Such an opportunity has given rise to many youths engaging in sport and handball is one sport that has received an overwhelming response.
Joseph Kayanika is one youth that has taken advantage of the centre to become a handball player, a sport he never thought he could play.
“I don’t know how but I just found myself interested in handball. I chose handball because it is an interesting sport and matches my principles,” he says.
Born on December 1, 1999, Joseph is fifth in a family of 10.
Joseph lives in Chipata Overspill and is currently in Grade 12 at Prosperous School in Mandevu.
He wants to study civil engineering when he completes his secondary school.
Joseph is determined to achieve his academic dream and believes his involvement in sport will help him reach his intended goals.
“When I say I want to become an engineer, some people laugh at me and they don’t believe I can do it but I am determined and I know that I will achieve my dreams one day.  Playing handball has greatly helped me remain focused in school. I come from a big family and it’s a challenge for my parents,” he says.
He started playing handball in 2010 under mass participation which allowed youths from surrounding communities be part of the game.
His impressive skills earned him a place at Lusaka Tigers as a goalkeeper, a club he has been with since 2010.
Joseph has participated in several local competitions.
In 2012, he played in the Samsung Youth Sport Challenge at the Centre, where he graduated to “OYDC” handball academy and was selected to play in the under-17 national team.
Joseph also participated in the Zimbabwe Handball Presidential trophy in 2013 and got a trophy for his impressive performance.
In 2015, he participated in the Southern Region Club of Champions.
Joseph has ambitions of playing professional handball in Spain.
Barcelona Handball Club’s Daniel Savage is Joseph’s role model.
He is also inspired by his parents and coaches both at club and national team level.
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