Join campaign, PF supporters urged

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Chama has called on members countrywide to join party president Edgar Lungu’s campaigns regardless of the presidential aspirants they supported before the general conference.
Mr Chama said in an interview yesterday that some PF Northern Province executive committee members should not feel sidelined from the campaigns because the presidential aspirants they supported did not emerge victorious at the general conference.
“What was going on is intra-party democracy and everyone was at liberty to support whichever candidate they wanted. We have moved on from that and now we are focusing on the campaigns,” Mr Chama said.
He said the reconciliation in the party is real and that no member should feel left out.
Mr Chama advised members to be proactive and to share their ideas with the campaign teams in the provinces.
He said it is sad that some members have shunned election campaigns because they think that that they will not be welcomed.
Mr Chama said this should not be the case because the PF has moved on and reconciled.
He said those who feel sidelined expect the party leadership to individually call on them but everyone is now busy with the campaigns.
Mr Chama urged members to get on board and join the campaigns so that Mr Lungu can win the January 20, 2015 presidential election.
“There are those with phobia and these people want to be followed, but it’s a matter of being proactive and they should just come on board. We are one family,” he said.
Mr Chama also appealed to members to embrace the reconciliation in the ruling party and to focus on the campaigns.
“The reconciliation is real. You can see that in these campaigns,  I am found with Mr Wylbur Simuusa [Minister of Agriculture and Livestock] and Mr Miles Sampa [Matero member of Parliament] who both participated in the intra-party elections,” he said.

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