JK honoured


AT ONCE, one would have thought that there was a huge musical concert taking place on Saturday in Lusaka which attracted some of the country’s finest musicians and comedians. But it was not Instead, it was one of the pioneers of modern Zambian music Jordan Katembula, popularly known as JK, who was being honoured with traditional ceremonies commonly known as Amatebeto and Ukwingisha by the in-laws.Amatebeto is a traditional way in which the parents thank a responsible son-in-law for taking good care of their daughter and grandchildren while Ukwingisha on the other hand means the parents giving authority to their son-in-law to start entering their home freely and accessing all rooms including the bedrooms.After Ukwingisha, the son-in-law is also allowed to search for food in the house of his parents-in-laws in case he is hungry. This ceremony too is only accorded to a responsible husband who has been in marriage for many years without serious conflicts with the wife.
JK and his wife, Chitalu Chafilwa,have been married for over 13 years and they have three children – one boy Kabwe and two girls, Chimba and Malaika. Chitalu’s – The Chafilwas – therefore honoured the Nkafikilisha singer with both ceremonies on the same day as a way of appreciating him.The first ceremony – Ukwingisha -took place at the Chafilwas residence in Roma where JK was escorted by his longtime friends Kayombo and Wille.While at his in-laws residence, JK was taken through various traditional activities ranging from tilting the land to hunting.The activities that had been lined up were energy sapping but luckily for JK, his friends Wille and Kayombo were always on hand to help him.He also entered all the rooms including the bedrooms where his inlaw sleep.The musician was released around 14:00 hours after close to two hours of extensive lessons and he left with various traditional weapons that were handed to him.In the evening, it was time for Matebeto at his posh residence near Silverest area in Chongwe were top musicians gathered to support their friend .Some of the musicians who joined CLICK TO READ MORE

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