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Jessie Chisi premieres ‘Imagination’

CHILDREN from Lusaka’s Kachele Trust School were given a treat last weekend as guests to the premiere of the local film, Imagination, which is produced and directed by Jessie Chisi.
Imagination portrays the life of a young boy called Kenny, who is growing up in a township with the dream of becoming a film director.
So caught up is him with this dream, that the children around the township where he resides refer to him as ‘Ba director’.
His wild imagination leads him to randomly select some kids in the township who he wants to help him make a film.
Using scrap material found in their environment, they set up the filmmaking tools needed to bring Kenny’s vision to life.
But little Kenny faces opposition in pursuit of this dream of his. His mother, drags him home on the first day he tries assembling his cast and scolds him for being playful instead of focusing on school.
His township friends and selected cast are more accommodating of his obsession to be a director and eventually rescue him from the clutches of his mother so that he can go ahead and make the film he has envisioned.
Imagination was shot in Lusaka’s Garden township and produced over a period of four years. Basically, Chisi’s idea behind the film is to inspire dreams.
“I got a picture from my friend which was picked from off social media about kids in the community and that was my motivation,” Chisi explained about her inspiration to produce Imagination.
Initially unsure what story to tell, she decided to share her own story of pursuing the dream to be a filmmaker and the obstacles often met in the pursuit of dreams.
“I wanted it to be very innocent because when you’re starting out with your dream, you’re usually very innocent and naïve,” she said.
Jessie chose a township setting to demonstrate a place where there are many ‘walls’ in the way of one’s progress and where life seems impossible.
Big dreams, Jessie points out, always look impossible because of the walls around someone.
“I want people across the world not to see film as a limitation for African kids,” she said.
The portrayal of young children on a big screen is also meant to encourage other kids to chase their dreams.
Imagination is co-produced and co-directed by Vatice Mushauko of Inzy.

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