Letter to the Editor

Jailing of gay couple good precedent

Dear editor,
THAT two men who were caught in an unnatural act at a Lodge in Kapiri Mposhi have been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment is a good precedent.
Twenty-eight-year-old Japhet Chataba of Ndeke township and Steven Nsamba of Kansenshi in Kapiri were jailed on Wednesday when they appeared before Lusaka High Court Judge Charles Zulu.
This is a good precedent as it sends a clear message that homosexuality is illegal and an abomination in our country.
There is a lot of pressure from the Western world to legalise homesexuality. Despite the proponents knowing that Zambia is a Christian nation and considers homosexuality a sin and an abomination, they are still pushing the agenda.
It is a known fact that these proponents of gay rights are dishing out huge sums of money to lure young people into the practice.
It is also true that there are dark-corner meetings where these rights are being promoted.
The judgment therefore sends a strong warning to those championing and practising such acts.
The courts of law must be commended for the good judgment.
An illegality or sin can never be a right. This is deception from the pit of hell to deceive mankind.
As Zambians we need to guard against these evil acts being disguised as human rights.
Those who claim their sexual orientation is not normal must seek medical and spiritual help instead of advocating normalisation of their abnormality.
In Zambia homosexuality will always be illegal and immoral. Those who want to engage in such acts must denounce their citizenship here and seek asylum where their so-called rights will be accepted.

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