Jack Tembo: Musician’s musician

Friday Ballad with BALLAD ZULU
I DOUBT that the average music listener would even have even heard of Jack Tembo. However, the term that I have used before, “musician’s musician” is so befitting of Jack Tembo.
But who was Jack Tembo? If I don’t write about him, probably his contribution to Zambian music may be completely forgotten.
Firstly, this is a different Jack Tembo from the current Burning Youth front man. They share the same name but are different.
Jack Tembo was best known as a keyboard player for several acts. I performed and recorded with Jack Tembo and he was an absolute genius. Most of the songs I recorded with Jack have not been released (fully) but he added a dimension to my music that was truly unique. He just had a way of producing and playing that which was always enhancing.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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